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europe honeymoon packages

Posted by - 11.08.2019, 06:44 AM

The idea of a European honeymoon never fades. According to Business wire and research by The Knot, the top 'dream' honeymoon destination in the world is Europe. What is it about Europe that attracts honeymooners? Could it be its perfect blend of rich history keeping up with trends of the new world? Perhaps the sheer variety in landscapes from snow-capped Alps and sandy white beaches to quaint centuries-old villages and buzzing nightlife is what makes Europe so unique. Oozing romance with every postcard alpine village and art, architecture dating back to 1st millennium BC, Europe is home to one too many lovey-dovey fairytale cities like Paris, Vienna, Venice, etc.


Location: Chennai, TN, India

Price: 100000 USD

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