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Get 5 Years Support From Manufacture On Choosing 8ft 40w LED Tubes

Posted by LEDMyplace - 01.25.2019, 12:13 PM

No matter how efficient the normal lights, if we are not getting support from the manufacture’s end regarding future handling of the lights, we have to spend much more cost by seeking the help from outside. But if we choose to use LED lights of LEDMyplace, we will get 5 years of complete warranty from the manufacture’s end, thus making the life much easier and stress free. You can use a standard 8ft 40w LED tubes at your offices that comes with hassle free 5 years from the manufacturer.

In addition to just warranty, there are many advantage of using a 8ft 40w LED tube which are as follows:

•The 8ft 40w LED tubes can work for about 50,000 hours, which is 4-5 times more than the normal halogen lights that work for just couple of the hours only.

•This 8ft LED tube which is available in 40W is a frosted tube with beam angle of more than 120 degrees that can cover a major portion of your office.

•The lumen output of these 8ft 40w LED tubes is with color temperature of 500k.

•These single powered 8ft LED tubes work without ballast and you need to bypass the existing ballast to start using the lights.

•The amazing heat dissipation system work smoothly and for the longer period of time.

Make your offices more modern where each one of your employee is working effectively and efficiently due to proper lights, thanks to these eco-friendly LED tubes that make it happen.

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