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Get Symphony Palms Havelock Island online,

Posted by Ashish Mittal - 03.29.2017, 12:26 AM

Symphony Palms Havelock has well maintained rooms and sea facing cottages. The

Resort also boasts a full range of audiovisual equipment and trained staff, so that

every need connected to conferencing is anticipated and taken care of. From relaxing

and enjoying the hospitality to trying your hand at any number of leisure and

sporting activities, Symphony Palms Havelock, offers an unforgettable experience

that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Symphony Palms Beach Resort at Beach No. 5 referred as Govind Nagar Beach is one of

the newly opened Beach Resort at Havelock Island with sumptuous interiors and superb

modern facilities add to an atmosphere of discrete luxury close to the lagoon and

its great activities and adventure witnessing richest marine biodiversity for those

who would like to touch the depth of the mysterious sea world.
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