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How to Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails 1-888-572-7379

Posted by shellymissa - 06.04.2019, 05:37 AM

We will start from scratch, if you are able to sign-in to AOL mail but not able to receiving the new incoming message in your AOL account then you should follow the steps mentioned below:

Firstly, we should wait for a while because there are so many reasons that can delay the new incoming messages. Generally, the delaying reasons are heavy internet traffic, problems on the mail server, routing problems etc.

Check your email filters, make sure you haven’t created any filter that is bypassing your inbox and sending the new incoming messages to trash or any other folder.

Check your spam folder because many a time, the new incoming emails can land in the spam folder as well. If the message is in the spam folder then you can move it to your inbox by following the steps given below:

Log in to your AOL email account

Click on the spam folder

Choose the email message that isn’t spam

Click on the “Not spam” button available at the top of the page.

So using the above tricks will get help if AOL not receiving emails on your iphone, desktop or other devices apart from these if AOL mail not working you can check mention above steps.


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