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in addition to involving the merchandise itself

Posted by - 11.07.2019, 04:25 AM

The plan is just a map, neglect the energy of planning.

Many plywood factory planners simply think that plywood factory planning is usually a drawing to show products layout.

Plywood production technology is usually a engineering systems, and also has the distinct features of industry, it involves many issues with knowledge and experience, plywood factory construction can be a systematic project, in addition to involving the merchandise itself, but also the planning, building, water and power, fire protection, environmental development, production equipment and manufacturing line, factory, transport in addition to logistics, labor safety, safe-keeping, production site management and the like. It is a compilation of related field and subprojects, and with the multitude of these results. Because on the rapid development of the plywood industry, its knowledge and experience are updated in a short time. Therefore, the production technology planning of your plywood enterprise usually necessitates a team with many professional abilities in order to complete it.

Plywood whole seed intelligent planning generally split into several stages. Each stage must have solid foundation work, each stage and stage achievement should be generated report as the basis on the next stage, the review involves basic data research, economic analysis, management study and factor analysis, and so forth. The layout of the production line needs to be the inevitable result, based on a lot of data analysis.

Plywood whole plant intelligent planning might make plywood production more effective, and can effectively lower the production cost, and help factories to establish a basic process operations system, lay the foundation for your factories of self-improvement.

No specific strategic objective, going right after high level aimless.

At present, many factories ask for more intelligent, numerical control gear, robot and industry SEVERAL. 0. Some big scale plywood factories blindly purchase several numerical control equipment, like robots equipment used around plywood production. It doesn't adapt with enterprise generation reality, will be idle and waste.

Most of the domestic plywood manufacturing level is low as well as management of enterprises is definitely relatively weak. The basic framework involving modern industrial production aren't perfect,.It is hard to arive at 4. 0 industrial in cases like this. For example, a massive amount plywood factories have not any complete process drawing to get plywood, also does not have access to the modern technological style and design team (most companies comprehend plywood process design because down the list), the team give difficulty to operate some sort of automated plywood factory, consequently industrial 4. 0 is nothing just for this.

The numerical control equipment for plywood production, specifically the CNC equipment regarding plywood, can only complete certain types and special kinds of plywood, not be all-purpose. And background maintenance along with the design of machine motion programs need more specifications.

Using robot application in plywood industry should also be careful, for a selected plywood products and occasions, the robot can may play a role. But in much plywood crops, the robot cannot exchange human work. Veneer Drying Machine

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