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It is necessary to be able to store the

Posted by - 11.07.2019, 12:55 AM

Nitrogen is usually an inert gas and is widely present in the atmosphere. It is really a relatively inexpensive gas, so that it is widely used inside national economy such seeing that laser cutting, chemical clean gas, chemical synthesis, electronics industries industry, pharmaceutical industry, and so on.

The following examples illustrate the application of nitrogen compressors in the nitrogen industry.

laser slicing

Nitrogen acts as the protective gas in laser sawing. Medium-pressure nitrogen is mainly employed to blow off oxygen to circumvent oxidation of metal incisions and also surrounding areas at huge temperatures during cutting, consequently avoiding the appearance connected with brown oxidized spots.

Gain smooth cutting surface, no burr and no dross effect

Generally, your pressure of nitrogen required for laser cutting is actually 15-40 barg, and the nitrogen from the PSA nitrogen generator is definitely 10 barg.

Therefore, a nitrogen compressor is required to pressurize the nitrogen, along with the nitrogen pressure is known the pressure required for laser cutting.

Nitrogen hard drive

Generally, the nitrogen pressure from the PSA nitrogen generator isn't high. If the capacity in the nitrogen generator is increased, or if the maximum and valley electricity is needed for filling at night time, it is more reasonable. It is necessary to be able to store the nitrogen to get later use. It is pressurized with a nitrogen compressor to some sort of pressure of 200-300 kg and filled into a high-pressure bottle. A high-pressure bottle can be filled with about 12 cubic meters of nitrogen.

2. Nitrogen storage

Generally, the nitrogen pressure from the PSA nitrogen generator seriously isn't high. If the nitrogen production machine has excess capability, or if it is contains peak-to-peak power at night time, there is more economic benefit. It is needed to store nitrogen for subsequent use. At this time frame, a nitrogen compressor booster is usually used. Filled into a top pressure bottle at any pressure of 200-300 kg, a superior pressure bottle can be contains about 10 cubic meters of nitrogen.

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