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Make The Office Atmosphere More Calm By Installing T8 4ft LED Tube

Posted by LEDMyplace - 01.25.2019, 04:17 PM

Offices are the place where we need to work in a peaceful environment so that we can show best of ours, but the lack of proper lights make the environment more noisy thus distracting us from our work. Hence it is advisable to use vibration and sound proof lights inside the offices where the peaceful and calm surroundings is a prerequisite to work effectively. You can use LED lights as they emit maximum brightness without troubling you, one such kind of light is a t8 4ft LED tube that are flicker and sound proof.

Specifications of a t8 4ft LED tube are as follows:

•This t8 ft LED tube uses just 22w of energy to produce 3000 lumens; also the color temperature is 6500K which offers white light glow that is ideal to work on detailed projects.

•By using these 22w t8 4ft LED tube, you can save almost 75% of the energy bills.

•The lifespan of these LED tubes is close to 50,000 hours, perfect for the offices that work throughout the day and night.

•These single ended LEDs come with easy installation, and you need to directly wire them in to the main socket to feel the enriched lighting experience.

•Comes with UL & DLC certificate and are eligible for some rebates & incentives.

•These IP 44 rated Lights come 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s end.

These 4ft LED tube are the best way to enjoy maximum brightness without affecting the overall performance due to the noise and distractions which can be a hurdle in doing your works, hence use these tubes that start at once without producing humming sound for your offices..

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