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Metal Pipe Drawing Technology

Posted by - 11.07.2019, 04:35 AM

Metal Pipe Drawing Technology

From the aluminum tubing production process, cold drawn aluminum tube may be the most common one, this process since their birth has created a good deal of industrial value, very made for the production of metal tube, has been virtually all manufacturers. Today let's take a look at the aluminum tube illustrating process.

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Definition Involving Aluminum Pipe Drawing Engineering

Classification Of Aluminum Water pipe Drawing Technology

Advantages With Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technologies

Definition Of Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology
Aluminum tube drawing technology is an plastic processing method, which uses the exterior force to act for the front end of the drawn metal, and then pull the metal blank from the die hole in the section of the empty, so as to find the corresponding shape and size on the aluminum tube. Because drawing is frequently done in a cool state, it is also known as cold drawing or chilly drawing.

During drawing, the aluminum tube will deform along with its original shape in addition to size will change. Then again, the volume of this aluminum tube is virtually constant During metal plasticity.

More advanced than extrusion, rolling, forging along with other processing processes, the drawing process is realized through the use of a pull force to the front end of the particular processed metal, which is termed drawing force. The ratio with the drawing force to the cross-sectional section of the drawn metal in the die outlet is called the system drawing force, or your opportunity stress. The drawing stress need to be less than the yield strength with the metal die, if here is your chance stress is too significant, more than the yield strength from the metal die, can induce the aluminum tube seem thin neck, or sometimes break.

Classification Of Metal Pipe Drawing Technology
Good drawing mainly includes pub, profile, wire drawing; Hollow attracting mainly includes tube along with shaped hollow drawing. Our common cold drawing aluminum tube belongs into the latter.

Among them, you'll find the following methods intended for tube drawing.

Sinking sketching
During drawing, no core head lies inside the billet, when i. e. no core brain is drawn. The main purpose should be to reduce the diameter belonging to the billet.

After drawing, the wall thickness with the pipe will generally change slightly, either increase and also decrease. After many instances of sinking, the inner surface from the pipe is rough in addition to cracks will occur when it truly is serious. The sinking method is suitable for drawing small size aluminum tubes, special-shaped light weight aluminum tubes, as well when reducing and shaping modest diameter aluminum tubes.

Much time core drawing
The aluminum tube billet is placed freely on the outside polished core rod, as well as core rod and this aluminum tube billet are pulled over the die hole together to accomplish diameter reduction and walls reduction. This method is known as long core rod illustrating. The length of the mandrel will likely to be slightly greater than the length of the aluminum tube right after drawing. After the earliest drawing, the mandrel will probably be removed by either the particular stripping or rolling technique.

Long core rod drawing is characterized by just a large processing rate, around 63%, but due to the need to prepare numerous diameters of long core rod and raise the tube stripping process, usually this process is rarely used within production, it is ideal for the production of thin-wall metal tube.

Fixed core mind drawing
The core rod with core head is actually fixed during drawing, as well as pipe blank can cut down diameter or wall by die hole. The surface quality of the aluminum tube drawn using fixed core head provides improvement over that of sinking attracting aluminum tube.

This method is most key in the production of aluminum tubes, but drawing thin-wall aluminum tubes can be difficult.

Advantages Of Light weight aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology
ONE. The drawing aluminum tube is accurate larger and smooth in area.

2. Drawing is appropriate choice for continuous high-speed production of long products with really small cross sections. The wall thickness of the drawn aluminum tube may be as thin as 0. 5m.

THREE OR MORE. Drawing production tools and also equipment are simple, easy to perform maintenance. In a same products we can produce some specifications and varieties involving aluminum tubes.

In the near future, we will devote ourselves to the development of new drawing technology and new drawing theory regarding aluminum tubes, so in respect of save energy, material, enhance product quality and yields. If you want that will cooperate with us, don't hesitate. Our aluminum tubes would not disappoint you.
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