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Now we check the particular controller

Posted by - 11.06.2019, 09:58 PM

Being a inexperienced buyer of utility appliance, how should we choose the proper one for our home or kitchen one of several various brands and commodities if we know nothing about them? Here we take chest freezer to illustrate.

Firstly, we need evaluate the body and door to discover if they’re flat, sleek and stable. Everything need to be installed well in the suitable place, the door can’t end up being tilted, the interval between that axis and shaft pin needs to be perfectly equipped, so that after you push and open that door, you feel sensitive manually ,. For the appearance, the painted coating ought to be uniformly and brightly colored without any pit, rust, or indicate of scratch. The plating elements should look bright plus fine, with no coating falling down. For each of the connecting parts of home and body, there should not be any leakage with foaming agent. Once you find such problem, never attempt to buy that freezer.

Then you'll want to inspect some details. Near the door, and witness whether the door complience seal is tightly contacting this freezer body. If not necessarily, the cold air can easily come out and this can influence the cooling effect. Now we check the particular controller, touch it and adjust the button to see if it’s sensitive. Controller is critical in adjusting the temps, and normally it’s enough to work with a mechanical controller with chest freezer. As you can observe, just some simple functions and non-in demand spend money for a digital one, also a mechanical controller is simple to repair. Open the particular door, bring a tape plus measure the thickness with the foaming layer, this is important! The thickness decides whether the coldness lasts much time and well. You desire adding a coat in addition to you’ll feel warm, that’s the key reason why. Then you can verify the instruction book inside to discover if there’s any extra part.

After all the visual check plus some touching, we need to power around the freezer to check the refrigeration performance and electrical performance, this is extremely critical. Turn the controller button towards the original place, plug around, and then turn the button on the coolest point, and you may hear the noise produced by the compressor. Touch the particular freezer body, and you are able to feel light vibration. In the event there’s illumination light, you are able to turn on the switch to find out if it operates effectively.

Nowadays the technology for chest freezers is incredibly mature, and we can easily see various famous brands having higher price and non-famous companies with lower price and nearly exactly the same appearance. Pls always try to remember, performance is the first thing for the user.

Location: JS, China

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