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Posted by joshwitha joshna - 04.18.2020, 07:19 AM

However, if you wish to pursue higher education abroad, a PGDM is considered to be a diploma, while a university-affiliated MBA is counted as a degree, giving you a better standing. In India, as well as overseas, both PGDM VS MBA courses are regarded as having equal value when it comes to career prospects.program is an MBA program from a reputed university. Of course, this is not to say that a PGDM is not valid. A PGDM from a reputed B School allows you to pursue your Fellowship Program in Management (FPM). ... As a rule of thumb, people wanting to make their career in the teaching profession, go for an MBA program. The foremost difference between both these courses is that – PGDM is a diploma course, while the MBA is a degree course. Incidentally, many people have an idea that the market value of a diploma program (PGDM) does not match the level of a degree (MBA) As of now, even the IIMs offer a Diploma course and not degree


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