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This wiggle pulse is actually sensed

Posted by - 11.06.2019, 12:34 AM

Principle of magnetostrictive linear? displacement sensor

The magnetostrictive linear displacement (liquid level) transmitter is mainly composed of a calculating rod, an electronic silo and also a non-contact magnetic ring (floating ball) around the measuring rod. The measuring rod provides you with magnetostriction wire (waveguide wire).

In the course of operation, an initial pulse is generated with the electronic circuit in the particular electron chamber. The initial pulse is transmitted inside the waveguide wire and your rotating magnetic field is generated down the direction of the waveguide cable.

When this magnetic discipline meets the permanent magnetic field from the magnetic ring (floating ball), the particular magnetostriction effect causes the waveguide wire to wiggle, producing a wiggle pulse (or "return" pulse).
This wiggle pulse is actually sensed and converted in the corresponding current pulse through the energy pickup device installed in the electronic chamber. The time difference between the beginning and return of both pulses can be calculated by the electronic circuit, and the measured position and displacement may be accurately measured.

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