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What's Inside Kratom Powder?

Posted by - 02.07.2019, 02:45 AM

Kratom powder, as well as other products, are made from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plants which are commonly known as kratom plants. They grow natively in the wild greens of South East Asian and African countries. For several thousands of years, they have been extremely loved by the native people for many reasons. It works efficiently for many purposes. Well, this post is not about what kratom is or from where it comes. Here, in this post, we are going to demystify a confusion. There are many rumors around us regarding the powder form of kratom. People have several questions in mind like:
What herbs are there in the kratom powder?
Is it 100% organic?
How do we know it is genuine?
How is it made?
What's inside kratom powder?
Today, we are going to address them in this blog post. So, let's get started now.
Kratom Powder: In Making
If you think that you can pick any kratom leaf and grind it into a bag of dust, then you are wrong. It takes a long and detailed process and a group of vigilant professionals to make pure kratom powder. To start kratom has many varieties like Bali, Maeng Da, White Thai, Green Malay and so on. It is the location of the kratom plants to which the leaves belong and the color of the veins that determine the strain and its properties.
A team of experts picks the top-quality and mature leaves strain-wise for the kratom products. During this step, they also make sure that there is no dry, rotten leaf or stem in it.
The leaves are rechecked by another team when brought into the manufacturing unit and then cleaned naturally with some lukewarm water.
Once washed, they are sieved to remove all the excess water and finally spread over large trays and put into dehydrators.
Once crisp and ready, they are then powdered into dust. To ensure it got a smooth texture it is also passed through a fine mesh for multiple times.
Finally, it is measured and packed in specific quantities.
The powder is also the base product of many other kratom products like capsules, tincture and so on.
So, What's Inside Kratom Powder?
Pure kratom Powder consists of dried kratom leaves only. There is no stem or any bad leaves. Pure ones contain just kratom leave dust which is prepared organically. That means, no chemical, color, or scents has been added or utilized in the process of making the powder. However, some vendors or sellers mix powder of other herbs to increase the overall volume of the herb. It helps them to lower the price so that they can offer discounts to lure the customers. In reality, pure kratom is pretty costly. Hence, the price itself is an indication of the originality of the product.
If you are searching for the real kratom powder, get it from reputed online kratom manufacture who got kratom samples so you can test the quality beforehand. Looking for a name? Check out Krave Kratom!

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